An engaging campaign to promote
downloads of the new Mailbox app


Create tactical campaign
to promote new app launch

Our initial ideas:
The Mailbox app will launch later this year to improve the overall customer experience and offering. We wanted to create a campaign which, as well as showing the new technology, also engages with visitors to encourage app downloads. Our first thoughts were that the campaign should depict how downloading and using the new Mailbox app will enhance customers lives (making them happy, confident, excited etc).

The Campaign Objectives


Teach customers about the new app


Accelerate app downloads


Create new connections and collect data

To ensure maximum engagement we wanted to avoid simply using visuals of the app, as we felt this would not be a strong enough draw to convert viewers into downloads. The creative needs to stand out, be different from cliché technology adverts and give a clear reason to download.


We wanted to avoid simple depictions of the app on their own


Your Mailbox just got better.

We wanted to depict Mailbox offering something new to its customers, showcasing not only how the app looks, but also the benefits it provides. New for You represents a dual messaging creative - New being the app and all visuals, while You is used to connect directly with customers through emotive lifestyle imagery, communicating a relatable positivity towards the app.

Hoarding example


With multiple uses necessary, the campaign assets can be combined and broken down to include both essential and extended information across all display platforms. This gives Mailbox the opportunity to deliver succinct and thorough messaging on both 'hero features' and all other app functions. 
#NewForYou can be used to generate social engagements across all channels.

Examples of various print executions

Examples of use:

Example of use on lightbox and art wall

Example of use in car park will call to action


Thank you for your time

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