Midlands Fashion Awards - engaging with entrants and generating ticket sales

Midlands Fashion Awards

Create a tactical campaign to promote the
awards as a whole, plus individual categories.

Our initial ideas:
We wanted to create a tactical social media campaign which promoted the Midlands Fashion Awards and engaged with potential entrants and attendees. Our first thoughts were that the creative should be bolder and more
relivent to a fashion audience.

The creative also required a 10 Year Anniversary logo, which we felt needed to be simple. 

The Campaign Objectives


Increase awareness of the awards and open call in July.  


Build a campaign that appeales to creatives and attendees.


Achieve higher rate of entrants to awards, as well as attendees to the show.

To ensure maximum engagement we wanted to use imagery with a strong aesthetic, as we felt this would be the most effective way to generate interest in the awards. Creative should stand out and differ from cliché designs.

Midlands Fashion Awards

Campaign Creative

The photography will involve one shoot taken in the studio; we will capture a variety of shots to differentiate between each catagory focusing on key areas to tie the creative together. All clothing will be supplied by Midlands Fashion Awards Fashion Designer of the Year 2016, Sophie Pittom.

See examples below:

Examples of category creative, including a new 10 Year Anniversary Logo

All images can be used to promote both ticket sales and entries.
These can be used across all social media channels.

Example of social media:

Multiple social media uses

Thank you for your time

Please get in contact if you have any questions • Mike@rileyraven.co.uk • 0121 769 2808